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Activity underneath the frozen sheet covering Pääjärvi lake next to University of Helsinki’s Lammi Biological Station may be slowed down because of the winter cold. However, the lake’s waters are home to a lively fish community currently being investigated by Lammi's Professor Kimmo Kahilainen and his team.Taking advantage of another sunny day, we joined Kimmo and MSc student Emmi Eerola on the icy expanse giving us the chance to learn about fish surveys as well as the native and introduced species you may encounter in the lake. Kimmo’s group has submerged their fishing nets, which are regularly checked during their year-long monitoring. Fish entangled in the nets are identified, measured and counted. Having started last March, the monitoring is about to end, providing Emmi with data to reconstruct Lake Pääjärvi’s fish community. Meanwhile, Helene Laiho (another Master’s student from the University of Helsinki) is helping with further analyses: once at the station, fish samples are analyzed for total mercury content to study how fish condition influences mercury concentration and bioaccumulation from a year-round perspective. Besides fish, whole food webs are studied with mercury and stable isotope analyses to find out how mercury biomagnification may be changing. ... See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to Head of Planetary Research and Space Technology, Maria Genzer and her team, at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)! With the successful touchdown of the Perseverence rover yesterday, they will start measuring the Martian atmosphere with their instrumentation.FMI is especially interested in the atmosphere on Mars as it resemble's Earth's in many ways. Mars has a similar tilt on it's axis, seasons are similar and day length is nearly identical. However, there are obviously big differences to Earth with the absence of life that affect atmospheric processes. For researchers this gives a chance to investigate the atmosphere without all of the additional 'noise' present on our own planet. Also see the interesting video featuring Maria pasted into the comments below!Lisätietoa:: information: ... See MoreSee Less
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